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Free Books

A Free Books is a set or collection of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of paper, parchment, or other material, usually fastened together to hinge at one side Free Books. A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a sheet is called a page Free Books. A Free Books produced in electronic format is known as an e-book.

Free Books may also refer to a literature work, or a main division of such a work. In library and information science, a book is called a monograph, to distinguish it from serial periodicals such as magazines, journals or newspapers. The body of all written works including books is literature Free Books.

A lover of Free Books is usually referred to as a bibliophile, a bibliophilist, or a philobiblist, or, more informally, a bookworm.

A store where Free Books are bought and sold is a bookstore. Free Books can be borrowed from libraries or obtain to read by bookCrossing.

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